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About Us

Digitization Experts Serving clients in Ontario, Quebec, and Across Canada

While we may live in the digital age, the burden and expense of storing physical data and documents is a frustrating reality for many businesses. As more and more companies move to online or hybrid offices, the need for easily accessible, searchable, and transferable data is essential. As workplace dynamics change, adopting a digital strategy for paper legacy files and automating critical workflows can give your business a competitive edge.

For over 40 years, AMS Imaging Inc. has been a reputable provider of quality digitization services in Ottawa, meeting the data scanning needs of clients in both Ontario and Quebec as well as across Canada. The industry leaders at AMS Imaging Inc. have delivered top-notch digitization strategies to a diverse clientele in both government and private sectors. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and a careful eye for detail, our highly skilled staff deliver fast and accurate digitization solutions that offer our clients more efficient processes that are easily searchable and transferable. We provide digitization services for physical documents, photographs, microfiche, microfilm, large maps, architecture drawings, slides, video cassettes, and more. Our reliable and trusted staff have met the unique imaging needs of long-term government and private sector clients for over four decades.

Quality Data Scanning and Page Review 

When it comes to your business’ essential and confidential data, partnering with a highly skilled digitization professional is crucial. Clear and accurate data scanning is an absolute must for your enterprise. Whether you’re a business, professional service firm, medical professional, or government agency, your organization can not risk the chance of incomplete or illegible data.

AMS Imaging Inc. can help. Our team of trusted and detail-oriented digitization experts is dedicated to providing exceptional client care. We create strategies tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients’ so they can achieve their unique data scanning goals. We walk our clients through the digitization process step-by-step, then provide a sample for review. Unlike other firms, AMS Imaging Inc. reviews every scanned page, ensuring each page is captured accurately and clearly. We take pride in providing accurate, high-quality work and cultivating long-lasting relationships with our clients. We deliver exceptional digitization solutions on time and on budget.

Secure Protection for Your Important Data

For businesses, professional firms, and government organizations, keeping sensitive and confidential data secure is crucial. In cases of employee records, medical data, or other private information, there are often industry regulations and compliances that must be met when it comes to protecting confidential data.

AMS Imaging Inc. has ample experience handling sensitive information and records for both government institutions and the private sector. As a result, our trusted team has been screened with the necessary clearances and background checks and are trained in handling sensitive information and records. Our staff also utilizes procedures that protect our clients’ data while maintaining confidentiality.

Managing and securing confidential records and documents is invaluable for most businesses. We can create a digitization solution that considers the necessary steps to secure both your physical and electronic data. By implementing a digitization strategy that best meets your organization’s needs, you mitigate the risk of lost or missing files while ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

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