We Understand the Digitization Needs of Businesses, Professionals, and Government Institutions

Despite working in a modern, technology-driven age, business owners and professional firms are still overrun with paper documents. Storing paper documents can result in expensive storage fees or losing valuable office space in-house, as well as causing workflow inefficiencies while leaving confidential documents vulnerable.

The knowledgeable digitization professionals at AMS Imaging Inc. understand the challenges that enterprises struggle with when it comes to managing their paper-based processes. We offer a wide range of services that allow us to provide tailored solutions to the individual data scanning and storage goals of our clients. Our careful attention to detail, combined with leading-edge technology, will enable us to provide innovative strategies to scan and store documents accurately and safely. For over four decades, our trusted experts have been delivering high-quality digitization services for physical documents, photographs, microfiche, microfilm, large maps, architecture drawings, and more. We are dedicated to helping clients establish their digitization goals and providing quality solutions that exceed client expectations.

Expert Document Scanning and Conversion Services

For over forty years, AMS Imaging Inc. has delivered document scanning and storage solutions that help businesses transition to a paperless office. Converting legacy records and critical workflows to PDF improves efficiency, information management, safety, and cost-efficiency.

Document Scanning

Document scanning converts physical media into a digital format. We use cutting-edge technology to quickly and accurately scan and convert your documents. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality work, and we review every page to ensure each one has been captured accurately and legibly.

Digital Storage

Quality document storage and management is an essential aspect for businesses, professional firms, and government organizations to operate efficiently in today’s digital world. By digitizing legacy documents, you will have all your essential data at your fingertip, safely archived and easily accessible. We convert, archive, and index a wide range of physical materials, including paper documents, photographs, microfiche, microfilm, large maps, architecture drawings, and more.

OCR Data Capture

OCR (optical character recognition) technology is the final step in transitioning from physical data to a fully digitized data management system. OCR technology takes the text-based PDF created in the scanning process and transforms it into searchable content. By utilizing this customizable technology, we can ensure your data is easily searchable and sharable, thus streamlining your business and making it more efficient.

Tailored Digitized Solutions Your Business

At AMS Imaging Inc., our experienced team helps clients establish their digitization goals and provide quality solutions that exceed client expectations. For us, quality service is crucial, and we ensure every page is captured properly. We proudly stand behind the service we provide.

Our inclusive team of experts works directly with you, walking you through the process step-by-step to make certain we meet your digitization goals. We take pride in providing accurate, high-quality work on time and on budget.

Document Preparation

When you entrust us with your vital records and documents, we ensure that they are carefully prepared for scanning. First, we sort through your material, removing staples, paperclips, tape, or any other material that could slow the process or cause documents to be skipped. We smooth out wrinkles and creases to ensure every item is scanned legibly and accurately.

Document Scanning

Before we begin scanning your data, we provide you with a sample for your approval to ensure that you are satisfied with quality and clarity of the scan. Once you are pleased with the result, we scan your physical material and convert into digital records that are accessible, searchable, and secure.

Quality Assurance

At AMS Imaging Inc., we are dedicated to providing high-quality work and exceptional customer service. Unlike other firms, we provide a 100 per cent quality review, meaning we ensure that every page has been captured accurately and is legible and clear.

Indexing and Indexing Verification

We utilize leading-edge indexing software that will enable you to easily search your documents by identifying and categorizing them with specific criteria. Scanning and indexing your physical data to a digital format will help your business be more efficient, eliminate storage expenses, and enable easy sharing between employees while securing your confidential documents.

At AMS Imaging Inc., our trusted digitization professional provides expert data scanning services for businesses, professional firms, medical professionals, and government organizations in Ontario, Quebec, and across Canada. Our cutting-edge technology and careful attention to detail ensure we deliver high-quality work on time and budget. We offer an inclusive team approach to creating the digitization strategy to best meet your specific needs.