Document Scanning

Document Scanning

Document Scanning for Businesses, Professional Firms, and Government Organizations in Ottawa and Across Canada 

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, immediate and easy access to critical data is crucial for an efficient and competitive enterprise. With more and more businesses shifting to online or hybrid workplaces, traditional paper filing systems are cumbersome and inefficient. Physical data storage can mean expensive fees or losing valuable office space to bulky and anarchic filing systems while leaving sensitive and confidential materials vulnerable to loss or security violation.

At AMS Imaging Inc., we provide clients with the solutions to not only protect their data but also provide for a more efficient process with documents that are easily searchable, accessible, and transferable. With over 40 years of industry experience, our reputable digitization experts are well versed in delivering data scanning strategies tailored to our clients’ individual imaging goals.

We provide quality digitization services for physical documents, photographs, microfiche, microfilm, large maps, architecture drawings, slides, video cassettes, and more. Our cutting-edge technology combined with a careful eye for detail allows us to provide clients with an accurate and reliable means to protect their data, increase efficiencies and search for information easily. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality digitization solutions on time and within budget.

High Quality Data Scanning Solutions

At AMS Imaging Inc., we utilize the latest technology to provide clients with innovative scanning solutions. With BancTec’s proven line of integrated document processing solutions, the IntelliScan XDS, we offer a wide range of scanning and imaging options for handling, processing, and sorting a variety of physical media sources, no matter the size. Built for multi-applications, high speed, and mixed document processing, IntelliScan XDS goes a step beyond other document processing systems, allowing us to provide clients with modern and innovative solutions specific to our clients’ individual needs.

Our highly skilled digitization professionals are committed to providing clients with the digitization solution to best meet their specific requirements. By taking the time to know you, our client, and understand your needs, we create a digitization solution that ensures your project will meet and exceed expectations. After walking you through the data scanning process step-by-step and establishing your goals, we produce a sample for your review. This sample allows us to ensure we have accurately interpreted your needs and allows for fine-tuning before the project begins. For us, quality service is crucial, and we ensure every page is captured correctly with a 100 percent quality review.

Paper Documents

No matter their size, most businesses can benefit from digitizing legacy information and paper documents. We offer a full range of scanning services that protect their data and provide a more efficient process with easily accessible, searchable, and transferable data. For us, quality service is essential, and we ensure every page is captured accurately.

Microfilm and Microfiche

In the past, microfiche and microfilm have been a means of storing records. Unfortunately, over time, the quality of microfiche and microfilm degrades, and because it is used less frequently, the equipment to read microfiche is expensive and becoming harder and harder to find. That is why converting to a digital format is necessary to preserve and store data. AMS Imaging Inc. is one of the few Canadian providers to offer digitization for Microfilm and Microfiche. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to deliver fast, high-quality images that will provide you with easier access to your data and less need for expensive storage solutions.

Oversized Scanning

Large and oversized documents like architectural and engineering drawings can take up considerable storage space while also running the risk of damage. Converting drawings, plans, maps, and oversized documents into digital format makes workplaces more efficient when employees no longer need to rely on hard copies. With our top-of-the-line technology, we have the means to convert large and oversized documents to digital images, eliminating storage concerns while mitigating the risk of damage.

Industries that Gain from Our Specialized Digitization Solutions

Estimating the Number of Pages and Images 

Costs during a digitalization project are determined per document per image. You can use this information to estimate the physical data volumes of your business and project data conversion costs.

  • Unbound Paper – 150 – 175 Per Inch
  • Standard File Box – 2,000 – 2,500 Pages Each
  • Engineering Drawing – 125 – 150 Sheets Per Inch
  • Vertical File Cabinet – 3,000 – 4,000 Sheets Per Drawer
  • Open Shelving – 1,500 Page Per Linear Foot
  • Plastic Coil/ Spiral Binder – 175 – 200 Maximum Pages Each
  • 1” Binder – 250 – 275 Pages Each
  • 2” Binder – 450 – 480 Pages Each
  • 3” Binder – 650 – 670 Pages Each

AMS Imaging Inc. in Ottawa, Your Trusted Partner for Digitization Services

At AMS Imaging Inc., our professional digitization experts provide efficient and secure solutions to your digitization needs. We take the time to understand you and what your business needs so we can design a strategy to meet your specific document scanning goals. We take pride in delivering accurate and efficient service on time and on budget. To learn more about how we can help you with your digitization needs, contact us online or by telephone at 613-723-1668.