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High-Quality Document Scanning Made Easy

Whether you’re a business owner, run a professional firm, a medical firm, or a government agency, efficient and secure data storage is essential. Paper records take up valuable storage space with archaic filing systems and cost time and money for staff having to search through files or storage boxes. They can leave sensitive and confidential materials vulnerable. But converting physical data to a digital format can seem daunting, and that’s where we can help.

As more and more workplaces shift to online or hybrid offices, the quality digitization of physical documents is more important than ever. At AMS Imaging Inc., we provide clients with the solutions to protect their data and provide a more efficient process with easily searchable and transferable data.

Step-by-Step Professional Digitization

At AMS Imaging Inc., our experienced team helps clients to establish their digitization goals and provide quality solutions that exceed client expectations. For us, quality service is crucial, and we ensure every page is captured correctly. We proudly stand behind the service we provide.

Our team of highly skilled digitization professionals takes clients through the process step-by-step to establish how to meet the individual needs of our clients best, provide a sample, as well as completing a 100 percent quality review that ensures every page has been captured accurately.

Digitization Process



  • AMS Imaging Inc. will lead you through a series of questions to understand your needs better.
  • The client provides a sample of documents, and our staff digitizes the box to understand the complexity level and amount of work required clearly. 
  • We provide digitized files to the client, so they can see what the digitized files will look like and ensure it meets their needs (quality, file naming, etc. confirmed). We then make any necessary adjustments so the project produces precisely what the client wants.


  • AMS Imaging Inc. provides clients with a quote outlining the estimated fees to complete the work and answers any questions.


  • Documents are provided to AMS Imaging Inc. (We can arrange to pick up documents for a reasonable fee.)
  • Our team prepares the documents for scanning, unfolding papers and removing staples, paper clips, tape, or anything that may result in scanning difficulties.
  • Documents are scanned using high-quality, cutting-edge equipment.
  • QC (Quality Control) – We provide 100% QC by default. However, a client can request a smaller percentage if they have tolerances for possible errors.  


• Documents are either returned or shredded using government-approved industrial shredding equipment that ensures confidential information is protected.


  • AMS Imaging Inc. invoices for the completed work and receives feedback from the client, ensuring they are happy with the final product while determining if there are areas where we can improve.

Digitization Experts Saving You Time and Money

All too often, we hear from businesses and professionals who, in an attempt to save money and time, have endeavoured to take on digitizing their paper records themselves. However, they soon realize that ‘Do it Yourself’ document scanning can be a lengthy and costly experience, resulting in expenses they could never have predicted.

The skilled staff at AMS Imaging Inc. are dedicated to delivering high-quality digitization solutions on time and within budget. Our staff has an eye for detail and takes pride in providing accurate and efficient service.

Trust the Experts to Do It Right

While, on the surface, ‘Do it Yourself’ document scanning may seem like a way to save money, the cost of equipment, time, and labour for staff overseeing the digitization project add up quickly. Coupled with the headaches and time wasted searching for documents in file boxes while waiting for the job to be completed and the questionable quality of the final result, DIY digitization is just not worth the effort. Especially when trusted digitization experts like AMS Imaging Inc. can complete the work in a far more timely and cost-effective means.

Our cutting-edge technology, combined with a careful eye for detail, allows us to provide clients with an accurate and reliable means to protect their data, increase efficiencies, and search for information easily.

The skilled staff at AMS Imaging Inc. are dedicated to providing clients with digitization solutions to meet their specific requirements best.  Our inclusive team works directly with our clients, walking them through the process step-by-step to make certain the client’s needs are met, then reviewing one hundred percent of the pages scanned to ensure each page is captured accurately.  

Contact AMS Imaging Inc. in Ottawa for Modern Digitization Solutions.

The knowledgeable digitization experts at AMS Imaging Inc. are dedicated to providing our clients superior service and expertise. We offer an inclusive team approach to creating reliable and efficient digitization solutions specific to the needs of your business. Our skilled and detail-oriented staff will take you through the document scanning process to ensure your paper documents are scanned clearly and accurately. To learn more about how the digitization professionals at AMS Imaging Inc. can assist you and your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us online or by telephone at 613-723-1668.