Tailored Digitization Solutions to Meet Your Imaging Goals.

Converting physical data to digital format and implementing a new and innovative data management system is no small task. You want to be certain that your essential documents are in safe hands and that the data conversion will provide you with the utmost quality while improving efficiencies and meeting regulations and compliances. This is why partnering with a trusted and reputable digitization firm is essential. You want the confidence that comes from working with people who have the experience and know-how to create digitization strategies that meet the specific needs of your business. That’s where we can help.

At AMS Imaging Inc., our established digitization firm located in Ottawa, AMS Imaging Inc. has been serving clients in Ontario, Quebec and across Canada for more than 40 years. Our reliable and trusted staff have been meeting the unique imaging needs of long-term government and private sector clients for over four decades. Utilizing cutting-edge technology combined with a careful eye for detail allows us to provide clients with an accurate and reliable means to protect their data, increase efficiencies and search for information quickly.

The digitization experts at AMS Imaging Inc. know that each business has unique needs specific to their organization, and when it comes to creating digitization strategies, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our experienced team helps clients establish their digitization goals and provide individual quality solutions that exceed client expectations. For us, quality service is crucial, and we ensure every page is captured correctly. We proudly stand behind the service we provide. Whether you’re a business, professional firm, medical professional, or government agency, we can create a solution specific to your digitization needs that will not only protect your data but also provide for a more efficient process with data that is easily searchable and transferable.

Digitization Strategies for Businesses, Professional Firms and Medical Professionals

Whether you’re a business, professional service firm, medical professional, or government agency, when it comes to your business’ essential and confidential data, partnering with a highly skilled digitization professional is crucial. Sorting through physical files slows efficiency, and filing systems take up space or even cost in expensive storage fees. In cases of employee records, medical data, or other private information, there are often industry regulations and compliances that must be met when it comes to protecting confidential data. Physical document systems are not only less efficient, but they can leave data at risk of damage or security breach.

At AMS Imaging Inc., we provide a wide range of digitization solutions for a variety of industries. Our expert team creates strategies that provide clients with more efficient processes, delivering easily searchable, accessible, and transferable data while securing confidential and sensitive material. No matter your industry, we have the digitization solution for you.

Commercial Businesses

Whether you’re a small business owner just starting out or the head of an established multi-level enterprise, our team of digitization experts can provide a data management system tailored to meet your specific imaging goals. In today’s fast-paced corporate world, business leaders can’t afford to fall behind because of archaic physical data systems. Let us ease that burden for you. We can help streamline your business so valuable data is at your employees’ fingertips, increasing efficiency. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your documents are protected from damage and confidential records are secure.

Government Organizations

AMS Imaging Inc. has been providing expert digitization solutions to government organizations for decades. We understand that discretion and timeliness are essential to government projects. As a result of our years of experience assisting government agencies with their digitization needs, our staff has the appropriate clearances and training and the procedures in place to protect data and keep information confidential when handling government projects.

Professional Firms

Professional firms like lawyers, accountants, architects, and engineers produce a high volume of physical data that must be stored and tracked while also adhering to industry regulations and compliances. Our digitization strategies offer professionals the opportunity to streamline their practises with more efficient processes while protecting their data from damage and risks.

Legal Professional

Lawyers are required to preserve their records for a minimum of seven years and holding onto vast numbers of files for a long period of time can result in losing valuable office space and incurring expensive storage fees. We help lawyers and legal professionals across Canada by providing legal document scanning and litigation document management, allowing legal professionals to streamline their practises and work more efficiently while meeting industry regulations.

Architects and Engineers

Architects and engineers create drawings and plans that can take up considerable storage space. Our state-of-the-art technology means we can convert drawings, plans, and oversized documents into digital format, eliminating storage concerns while mitigating risk of damage.

Medical Professionals

Medical and dental professionals generate tremendous amounts of paperwork with patient files that must be kept on hand for years, making for cumbersome filing systems. Storing and tracking hundreds of medical files can be challenging, to say the least. Allow us to help you streamline your practice. At AMS Imaging Inc., we can create a digitization strategy that will allow for a more efficient data management system for your patient files, but still meet with provincial and federal regulations.