Our History

About Us

Meeting Clients’ Imaging Needs for Over Four Decades

AMS Imaging Inc. founder, Pierre Vachon, started his career in sales for the finance, insurance, and equipment industries. After three years of selling microfilming equipment for 3M, his entrepreneurial vision helped him recognize an often-overlooked market. Many clients communicated that they were not interested in purchasing imaging equipment and would prefer to have someone do their data imaging for them. So, in 1979 Pierre founded Photo Reduction de l’Outouais—later becoming AMS Imaging Inc.—offering those services clients needed.

From Humble Beginnings

Like many successful businesses, AMS Imaging Inc. came from humble beginnings with a staff of just three people working from Pierre’s home. In those early days, private sector clients made up most of our clientele, converting doctors’ medical and real estate sales records. As we grew, Pierre left his work in sales behind to focus on building the business full-time.

With Pierre in a position to concentrate his efforts on growing the business, he could target more prominent organizations. He approached the Federal Government’s Department of Justice, offering to partner with them and provide services to convert court case documents. This resulted in our first “Standing Offer” with the government. At that time, no other companies in the Ottawa area offered microfilming services, and our team was fully bilingual, making us the ideal imaging partner for the Department of Justice.

Innovative Imaging Solutions Keeping Pace with Changing Technologies

As business and technology have changed over time, so have our clients’ needs. AMS Imaging Inc. has continued to adapt to deliver services that meet our clients’ unique requirements. In the mid-1990s, when the government and other organizations moved to digital, AMS Imaging Inc. invested in cutting-edge technology and equipment to continue providing our clients with advanced imaging solutions. 

Over the next 25 years, AMS Imaging Inc. served professional and corporate clients and various government departments. Under Pierre’s leadership, we continued to invest in more advanced equipment and build a stellar team to deliver cost-effective and competitive data imaging solutions to our clients.

Data Imaging Solutions for Today’s Paperless World

At AMS Imaging Inc., we have always valued our people and clients. As a result, we have built a strong reputation for quality work that exceeds expectations.

As businesses embrace a digital “paperless” environment where data can be easily accessible regardless of location, the services offered by AMS Imaging Inc. have never been more valuable. Optical character recognition has replaced hours of flipping through boxes of files to locate much-needed information with a few clicks of a button to run searches on digital files. 

In 2022, after over 40 years of running AMS Imaging Inc., Pierre is transitioning into retirement. However, he has absolute confidence in passing over the reigns to the new owner, Paul Larkin. In true entrepreneur fashion, Pierre sees an exciting future and unlimited potential for AMS Imaging Inc., and he is excited to see what is in store for the business he built in the years to come. His continued consultation and guidance will ensure that long-standing relationships are maintained and that the legacy of AMS Imaging Inc. and all that it stands for continues.